Documentary 52 minutes

The enigma of Flying Spheres - Documentary 52 minuts
Title The enigma of Flying Spheres
Genre Documentary
Duration 1 x 52'
Year 2009
Format SD
Author Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Director Pier Giorgio Caria
Executive producer Diego Corvaro
Script Pier Giorgio Caria
Production Studio3 TV
Photography Pietro Jesus Di Stefano
Editing Pietro Jesus Di Stefano, Giorgio Di Stefano
Language English - Italian
Broadcaster RAI


sfere enAlone or in small groups, in pairs or in groups of thousands, beside incredible snake-shaped structures or next to huge metallic disks, mysterious “flying spheres” keep on appearing in the sky or in space.

These strange objects are capable of impossible manoeuvres for any terrestrial aircraft.
They avoid radar survey by turning into transparency and even provoke diseases to the board terrestrial instrumentation.

Flying spheres have been sighted while crossing the air routes, joining Shuttle missions, flying over the International Spaceship. Is their origin extraterrestrial?
Despite all their efforts, researchers couldn’t manage yet to discover their secret.

The Flying spheres remain a real enigma.