Comedy 125 Minutes

Title The Bankrupts
Genre Comedy
Duration 1 x 125'
Year 2014
Format HD
Directed By Henry Secchiaroli
Scripted by Henry Secchiaroli , Ermanno Simoncelli
Music by
Michele Mucciacito Pazzaglia
Cast Compagnie del Teatro Dialettale Fanese


The Bankrupts is a movie that develops in an ironic and dramatic way, during the Italian great economic crisis experienced in a city of almost 70,000 inhabitants like Fano (PU).

Luigi Valori is the official of a well-known local bank and in this period of crisis his work puts in difficulty several companies and families so much so that a group of enemies, belonging to the most disparate social categories of the city, is created around him. One of these is the building contractor Piero Felloni, well-known in the city, who has had his bank loans revoked and his family's assets seized. Seeking revenge, the unfortunate Felloni, exploits the news of the Fano visit by the world king of oil, Sheikh Amamen, arranged to pay a large sum in dollars to a company in Fano, to organize a robbery. Not just any robbery, but..."classy": entering at night directly into the bank's underground vault where the oil dollars will be deposited.

The bank, where this rich deposit is made, is the same where the much-hated bank official Luigi Valori works. The contractor then, involving some friends with the same economic difficulties and the same hatred for the banker, will organize the coup. Not everything will go according to plan and for the gang's going to be trouble.