Docufiction 52 minutes

guadalupe cover it
Title Guadalupe, a living image
Genre Docufiction
Duration 1 x 52'
Year 2009
Format HDV
Luca Trovellesi Cesana, Flavio Ciucani
Direction Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Executive producer Diego Corvaro
Script Laura Liberti
Production Studio3 TV
Photography Pietro Jesus Di Stefano
Editing Pietro Jesus Di Stefano, Giorgio Di Stefano
Language Italian - English - Spanish - French
Broadcaster RAI, History Channel


December 1531, Mexico. The Virgin Mary appears to a Indian humble peasant, but nobody believes in him. On Her request the Indian wraps in his “tilma” some Castilian roses, mysteriously flowered on a bared scree. In front of the Bishop he opens the cap discovering the miracle: the image of the Virgin is impressed upon it.

The image is extraordinarily real. The results of analysis are amazing. In the Virgin's eyes the 13 figures who witnessed the miracle are visible.
The stars on her cloak are positioned exactly as they were in the miracle's day (12.12.1531). The painting technique used is unknown. The colours keep intact, the cloth is uncorrupted.

And that's not all: an extraordinary discovery reveals the Spanish origin (from Extremadura, Spain) of the name of Guadalupe and its incredible connection with the Evangelist Saint Lucas.