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Docufiction 52 minuts

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Il mistero della Santa Casa di Maria di Nazareth Documentario 52 minuti
Title The mystery of the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth
Genre Docufiction
Duration 1 x 52'
Year 2009
Format HDV
Author and Direction
Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Executive producer Diego Corvaro
Script Laura Liberti
Editing Pietro Di Stefano, Giorgio Di Stefano
Producer Studio3 TV
Language Italian - English - French


An exclusive investigation on one of the most fascinating and controversial mysteries of Christianity: the translation of the Holy house of Virgin Mary from Nazareth to Loreto, in Italy.

According to the tradition, it was carried in flight from the Angels, stopping in several places before reaching its current position.
While a more recent theory would prove that it was moved by the Christians in the age of Crusades. With the aid of fiction and 3D graphics it has been rebuilt the whole path of the Holy House, which does not rest upon foundations and remains a real enigma for modern architects...