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A possible solution to its construction

Documentary 52 minuts

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The pyramid of Cheops - Documentary 52 minuts
Title The pyramid of Cheops
A possible solution to its construction
Genre Documentary
Duration 1 x 52'
Year 2002
Format SD
Author Elio Diomedi
Direction Claudio Ciavaroli
Executive Producer Luca Trovellesi Cesana, Diego Corvaro
Screenplay E. Diomedi, P. Caria, C. Ciavaroli, P. Passeri, S. Diomedi
Editing Per Giorgio Caria
Photography Paola Virgili
Language Italian - English


How could the ancient Egyptians build the majestic pyramids?
This documentary provides a possible answer to the question that hundreds of scholars have been asking for ages.
The new theory created by the Italian Elio Diomedi and so valid that has obtained the approval of the supervisor of the Giza Plain, Zahi Hawass, is fully explained with the support of 3D reconstruction.