Documentary 57 minutes

documentario il pittore e le oche
Title The painter and the geese
Genre Documentary
Format Full HD
Duration 1 x 57'
Director Guido Bandini
Production Vivaimago
Sydonia Production
Linanguage Italian
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An ancient country house, a man and his dream: unifying soul and earth.
What remains of a painter after his death? What is generated by his absence? How long can the strength of a dream endure?
Goose-breeder and self-taught painter Vincenzo Raccosta has tried for all his life to merge his passion for art with his love for the land.
A simple and generous life ceased abruptly, the dismay of his sisters and friends; among them, a lot of painters, who frequented assiduously Vincenzo’s country house: an ancient and unusual place, an oasis of peace and conviviality, transformed by Vincenzo into a space of confrontation and exchange of ideas, and eventually become seat of collective exhibitions called “Artenaturalmente”.

The vision of the places and the paintings, together with the tales of his sisters and friends, outline the nature of a man deeply rooted into friendship and honesty, values that coalesce in the union of agricultural labour and painting: the discipline he had to leave as a child by order of his father, and cultivated with trouble when he could.
Even though the country farm is now without his owner, traces of his presence remain, along with four ducks saved from the inevitable sacrifice; his paintings, his vision of the world are still there, and also his sisters’ will to keep the memory of their brother and that place alive.