Comedy 104 minutes

Titolo BROKERS - School class heroes
Genre Comedy
Duration 1 x 104'
Year 2008
Format HD
Directed by Emiliano Cribari
Scripted by Riccardo Leto
Production DGT-Network
Music by Davide Calvi
Director of photography Marco Sirignano
Cast Fabrizio Rizzolo, Giovanni Boni, Vittorio Semini
Riccardo Leto, Annamaria Malipiero, Sergio Muniz and Margherita Fumero
Language Italian


"Brokers - School class heroes" is a comedy sour-sweet. A story of redemption, individual and collective.
A modern fable that transforms all actors involved, adults and children, with extraordinary events. This is the story of a man who at some point of his life, is forced to change his life because of some bad choices, he comes into contact with a new reality, populated by bizarre subjects while he gives people a new dream.
So, this university professor from the city, with a strong passion for world stocks that leads him to personal bankruptcy, becomes a teacher of a small country school trying to teach children "creative" math applied to the virtual stock exchange game.
Soon, however, the simulation will become reality, triggering a series of events that will transform the habits and the face of an entire village, interpersonal relationships, attitudes and the lives of everybody. The medieval town of Zuccarello, with its atmosphere suspended in time, is the perfect location to tell this story.