h2>Comedy 85 minutes
Genre Comedy
Duration 1 x 85'
Year 2017
Format 4K
Directed by Andrea Castoldi
Scripted by Andrea Castoldi
Production CF FILM
Music by Giannandrea Forestieri
Director of photography Filippo Arlotta
Cast Arturo Di Tullio, Pietro Sarubbi, Lorenza Pisano, Toni Pandolfo
Amedeo Bianchimano, Alessandra Brambilla, Mekdes Cortili, Carola Brambilla
Alberto Agnoletto, Rebecca Amodeo, Federica Miodini, Davide Zampino
Marco Cuccia Mussino, Sara Veneziano, Federico Cornoni, Adina Campagna
Francesca Zucchero, Emanuele Piani, Paolo Villa, Barbara Galimberti
Andrea Colussi, Danny Duyko, Alessandro Iuliano
Language Italian


Italy, 2020. The region of Apulia has become a militarized frontier, a borderline that cannot be crossed and that is collapsing because of the thousands of Italians who have invaded it in a few months.
The Italian state is now adrift. Popular uprisings and demonstrations follow one another due to an increasingly suffocating economic crisis. Stilitano (Arturo Di Tullio), now under house arrest, is determined to start over again as a pizza chef, after serving three years in prison for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.
However, the unfavorable conditions in the country force him to leave for the Forest in Umbria. Here he meets a group of Italians, who have been hiding for weeks in an old, abandoned farmhouse, and who, like him, are waiting to board a makeshift dinghy to reach the much-dreamed-of Albania, a land of work and hope.