Docufiction 45 minutes

documentary rebel spirits saint pio of pietralcina
Title Saint Pio of Pietralcina
Genre Docufiction
Duration 1 x 45'
Year 2017
Format Full HD
Author and Director Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Executive Producer
Diego Corvaro, Beatrice Favazza
Script Claudio Centioni - Daniela Pompei
Production Sydonia Production
Photography Pietro Jesus Di Stefano
Editing Giorgio Di Stefano
Language Italian - Spanish
Broadcaster Focus (Discovery), History Channel
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Series Rebel Spirits



Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, better known as Father Pio, was a Capuchin friar, spiritual heir of Saint Francis of Assisi.
Born in 1887 he was the first priest to have the signs of crucifixion impressed in her body, which lasted more than 50 years. He is famous and venerated all over the world due to the supernatural phenomena that characterized his extraordinary experience: stigmata, healings, bilocation and clairvoyance.

The phenomenon of stigmata accompanied him until just before he died (September 23rd 1968), when they mysteriously disappeared from his body. Even after his death many healings and conversions have been occurring through his intercession. This is a compelling investigation on one of the souls who has been most deeply “signed by God” in the whole story of Christianity.