The secrets revealed

Documentary 45 minutes

Mary Magdalene - Documentary 45 minuts
Title Mary Magdalene - The secrets revealed
Genre Docufiction
Duration 1 x 45'
Year 2017
Format Full HD
Author and Director Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Executive producer Diego Corvaro, Beatrice Favazza
Script Daniela Pompei
Production Sydonia Production
Photography Pietro Jesus Di Stefano
Editing Giorgio Di Stefano
Language Italian - English
Broadcaster Discovery Channel - History Channel
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Mary Magdalene, the faithful disciple of Jesus.

She is one of the most important female figures in the Bible, resigned for centuries to the role of a repentant prostitute.

According to an ancient tradition she died in France, yet her story began in Magdala, where recent discoveries have revealed unforeseen truths.

A journey into the life of the first witness of Resurrection, “the apostle of the Apostles”, the one whose strength has brought to light the importance of women in Jesus' life.
A fascinating path to the discovery of the real story of Mary Magdalene, the most misunderstood and slandered figure in Christianity.


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