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TV Show - documentary | Serie 20 episodes - 22 minutes

documentario serie tv  fatto in italia
Title Fatto in Italia
Genre TV Show - Documentary
Duration 20 x 22'
Year 2019
Format 4K
Director Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Executive Producer
Diego Corvaro
Production Sydonia Production
Editing Giorgio Di Stefano
Language Italian
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We often take for granted the existence of products such as shoes, sunglasses, concrete, paper, bags, trainers, bolts, musical instruments, even potable water and its depuration and recycling systems. However, we ignore the fact that those simple commodities, which accompany our everyday life, are the result of extraordinary and sophisticated engineering and productive processes.
A more and more automated and mechanized world prevents us from understanding the human centrality in the processes of ideation, production and creativity; in fact, our modern and comfortable lifestyle is not given us by robots, but by the genius of engineers, designers and craftsmen, who work constantly and together in order to make the quality of our lives better. “Fatto in Italia” wants to show in detail all the supply chains, with communicative professionalism, curiosities and anecdotes, focusing on engineering secrets and productive process…arriving eventually to packaging.