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Documentary 52 minutes

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The mystery of the Crop Circles - documentary 52 minuts
Title The mystery of the Crop Circles
Genre Documentary
Duration 1 x 52'
Year 2000
Format SD
Author and Director Pier Giorgio Caria
Executive Producer Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Script Pier Giorgio Caria
Production Studio3 TV
Editing Pier Giorgio Caria
Language English - Italian
Broadcaster La7, Canal Infinito, Odeon TV, TV Boulevard


cerchi enAn in-depth overview on the unexplainable phenomenon of the crop circles.

Extremely complex figures appear from one day to the next on the crop fields all over the world and nobody has been able to prove their human origin yet.

A valid report made by experts who relate the results of chemical, physical and mathematical analysis realized on the crop formations.