Between legend and truth

Documentary 45 minutes

The oracle - Documentary 45 minuts
Title The Oracle - between legend and truth
Genre Documentary
Duration 1 x 45'
Format 4K
Author and Director Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Production Sydonia Production
Language Italian - English
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A powerful myth and cloaked in mystery unravels along the path of history. A faded but remarkable memory intersects the stories of many peoples. Kings and emperors were looking for her, the writers of the past talked about her, but today only few people know her. She represents the link between truth and myth, religion and paganism, witchcraft and science, earth's life and life after death. A cult rooted in all the world, survived in the millennia.

The Sybil oracle, a story between legend and truth.

To reconstruct the origins and development of the whole myth of the Sybil let's start from a 1400 work: "The Guerrin Meschino" by Andrea da Barberino. Searching his origins the knight Meschino after a series of wandering, turned to the Apennine Sybil to question her. So he has the privilege to enter the mythical cave where the prophetess gives him important philosophical and cosmic lessons. A journey of initiation that associate him with the protagonist of " The Paradise of the Queen Sybil" by Antoine De La Sale. The French author personally visited the cave of the Sybil in Montemonaco (Marche, Italy) in 1420 on behalf of the Countess of Burgundy - Bourbon.

But the historical sources on the existence of the mysterious Sybil go back to ancient times. Numerous chronicles tell of kings and emperors that interrogated her to know their fate, as Claudio II the Gothic in the Historia Augusta by Pollione and Aulo Vitellio in the Vita di Vitellio by Svetonio. Always Svetonio talks about the Apennine Sybil condemned by God for having rebelled after learning that she would not have been the one to conceive Christ, but a Jewish virgin.

Additional sources and archaeological finds reveal new pieces of the Sybil: the"Big Stone", found at the Lake of Pilate and his enigmatic and esoteric engravings related to the Mother Goddess Cybele (from which seems to derive the name of Sybil) and to the Cross-Rose; the complex trapezoidal geometry of the Sybil from Cumae cave reminiscent of Mayan and Egyptian pyramids; the seven churches, sisters of Sibylline Mountains dedicated to the Virgin Mary whose position reflects perfectly the Virgo constellation.

But the myth of the Sybil has another unexpected and fascinating connection: that one with the Celtic tradition. It is in fact linked to the people of Tuatha De Danann, from northern lands, experts in occult sciences and with divine and prophetic powers. It will be the mysterious people of the Cimmerians mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey. Moreover, according to Giuseppe Coria the founder of all Sybils of the world would really be a Nordic prophetess: Vittolfa.