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The secrets revealed

Documentary 45 minuts

Mary Magdalene - Documentary 45 minuts
Title Mary Magdalene
Genre Docufition
Duration 1 x 45'
Format Full HD
Autor and Direction Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Production Sydonia Production
Language Italian - English
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In “Mary's Gospel” the Magdalene is described as the other half of Christ, Goddess of the Sacred Femminine, Divine Wisdom.

Mary Magdalene, the favourite disciple who received directly from Jesus the real meaning of his message. A new fascinating docu-fiction tries to shed light on one of the most controversial and legendary figures in the history of Christianity.

But who really was Mary Magdalene? Why her figure has been reduced to a mere repentant whore over time?

Exclusive documents and recent archaeological discoveries will lead us in a compelling journey into the life of the first witness of the risen Jesus, “the apostle of the apostles”, whose story could rewrite the role and the importance of women in the Gospels.

In Magdala we will find evidences of her well-off origins: it was the Magdalene, in fact, who supported Jesus and the apostles with her goods, after having been healed from an incurable disease .